Just over 13′ in length and 4′ in width, The ‘NEW’ FOODPACK SPEEDY II (XXL)  is now servo controlled (Emec) and comes standard with 4 adjustable lanes. It is the largest of the “Speedy” model, capable of MAP(Modified Atmosphere Packaging).

Just over 10′ in length and 3′ in width, the SPEEDY XL (Emec) has servo technology resulting in greater efficiency, accuracy, reliability, and faster speeds. Standard with two adjustable lanes, this machine is fully capable of MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging).



Under 10′ in length and just over 3′ wide, the Speedy VG (Pnuematic) comes standard with two adjustable lanes and is fully capable of MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging). This affordable system is simple, reliable and with over 1,000 successful installations worldwide, one of the most renowned Tray Sealers in the industry.

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