The Formpack F1 is an in-line thermoforming machine. Suited for medium production requirements. The F1 can work with both flexible and rigid materials and is available in seal-only or vacuum-only models.




The Formpack F1 model is a in-line thermoforming machines with an innovative design, completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminium with IP 65 protection class. The Formpack F1 is suitable for medium productions. With its high versatility, the F1 can be applied in food, industrial and medical field.


The machine can work with both flexible and rigid material.

The machine can be easily washed; they are ideal to work in aggressive and damp environments. The changeover is quick and easy. The supplied brushless motor grants high precision and speed.



  • Suitable for medium production dairies
  • Can be used with both flexible and rigid thermoforms
  • Made with AISI 304 stainless steel with IP 65 protection class
  • Fully customizable with slicers, print top web, and others


Basic Options

The Formpack F1 is available in two versions: N for sealing only and VG for vacuum packaging, vacuum/ gas and skinpackaging.

This machine can be customized with several options such as printed top web, coding units, dosing systems, slicers, in line flexographic printer

*All the companies of the ILPRA Group operate according to ISO 9001:2008 compliance and their organization of production is fully internal. Before delivering, each machine undergoes the scrutiny of strict internal test procedures, carried out with the packaging materials received from customer. This procedure verifies that the product is in compliance with both the customer and the regulations in force with Ilpra. 



  • Machine Dimensions:  4000 x 1030 x 1880mm
  • Max Bottom Web Width: 360mm (N) 420mm (VG)
  • Max Index: 360mm (N) 450mm (VG)
  • Max Bottom Film OD: 400mm
  • Length of Loading area: 500-1000mm (N) 500-1800mm (VG)
  • Max Container depth: 100mm
  • Cycles per minute: 17 Sealing Only and 14 w/ MAP (VG)

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