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At Apex Packaging Solutions, we provide flexible packaging driven by customer service.  In today’s business climate, where customer service has become a lost art, we find that our customers appreciate our “turn on a dime” attitude.  Not only do we work with our customers to deliver creative, reliable solutions for their packaging needs, we do so with some of the shortest lead times and quickest order turnarounds in the industry.



About the Founder of Apex Packaging: Glenn B. Davis


For Glenn Davis, flexible packaging has become a passion.  Finding packaging solutions before a problem arises requires a unique eye that consolidates the need for aesthetics, shelf life goals which involve oxygen and moisture permeability barriers, and package integrity which can withstand inevitable abuse. Glenn brings 32 years of experience in the flexible packaging industry to each of his clients.  Starting in 1983 in the packaging film industry with Kehr Packaging, a regional convertor, Glenn helped to create and design packaging for industry giants including Nabisco, Popsicle, Keebler, and Con Agra. Glenn then spent 10 years with Schurpack (St. Joseph, Missouri), including the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing, until Cryovac purchased Schurpack. At that point, Glenn founded Omnipac, a manufacturing facility located in Horsham, Pennsylvania which primarily served the meat industry with printed and clear rollstock films and pressure sensitive labels. After selling his share in Omnipac, Glenn founded Apex Packaging Solutions, located in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.  Apex provides the best quality flexible packaging and casings to the meat, cheese, poultry, and dog food industries. Glenn holds a BA degree from Temple University.  He is frequently asked to be a guest speaker on a variety of subjects including Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), Marketing Your Food Product for Increased Sales, and Motivational Life Skills. Glenn is also an ordained minister and has become a well-known author (The Schism  -  Xulon Press, 2013) and conference/retreat speaker.


“To us, customer service is as important as the flexible packaging we deliver.  We treat our 

customers as partners, feeding them information, not persuasion, so they can make intelligent, 

educated decisions”

 Glenn Davis


Apex Packaging Solutions

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Apex Packaging Solutions offers creative, reliable solutions for your flexible packaging needs.